Program of publishing Postal Stamps 2022

2023. година

 DateTitle:Number of stampsSheetNominal value Years since the Birth of Auguste Comte1block7.60
2.23.02.Famous People2102 x 1.95
3.29.03.Cultural Heritage 2021191.10
4.28.04.Europe22 x 9 i блок1,95, 3,30 7,60 година трке 24 сата Ле Мана2101,80   1,95
6.23.06.Literature292 x 1,10
7.01.09.Nature Protection4204 x 1,10 година од рођења Пол Гогена2block2 x 3,50 година конвертибилне марке393 x 1,10
10.23.11.Сликарство3123 x 1,10 година КУД ‘’Веселин Маслеша’’261,10   3,30
12. Редовне – авиониIndividual circulations and nominal values of regular postage stamps will be subsequently determined according to the needs of postal traffic
13. Special editionThe title of the issue and other characteristics will be determined by the decision of the Management Board of the Company
14. Special edition
15. Special edition
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