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International parcel

In international traffic, parcels can be sent with or without indicated value.

The sender will receive the advice on posting and the recipient will confirm the delivery by its signature.

Designated operators will determine the mass, maximum declared value for parcels and special services for sending parcels abroad.

The list of countries, maximum allowed masses and labeled values.

International mail items shall be accepted open in order to allow postal officials to inspect the contents in presence of the sender in terms of regulations defining customs and monetary control of postal items.

When submitting international parcel, the sender is obliged to fill out specified number of “Customs declaration” formsCN23).

Filling out of Customs declarations is the sole responsibility of the sender. The Customs declaration form serves for customs purposes. The sender is obliged to properly declare the contents and value of the item even if the the item does not have indicated value and no matter if it is a gift or not.

The Customs declaration form has to be filled out in English, French or another language known in the country of destination and the value of the contents shall be declared in the currency of the country of destination or an internationally known currency.

Sample showing how to fill out the Customs declaration (CN 23 or CN 22)CN23 ).

It is forbidden to send in postal items: explosive, easily flammable, radioactive or other dangerous substances, objects whose transfer threatens the health and life of humans and other postal items, narcotics and psychoactive substances, immoral contents, live animals, except animals whose transport is regulated by specific terms for the provision of postal services, and other goods and objects whose transport is prohibited by law and other regulations, as well as items whose import is prohibited in destination country. Please note that it is prohibited to put money, any securities, checks, platinum, gold, silver, precious stones, jewelry or any other precious contents in postal items without declared value.

The extract from the World Postal Convention


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