Business express

Business express service is available only in domestic postal traffic.

Business Express service is designed for legal entities or individual entrepreneurs which have concluded the Contract for this type of service. In order to be able to use Business Express service either one party, the sender or the addressee, must have a Contract for transmission of Business Express items. The users of this service (sender or recipient) may also be natural persons, provided that the client of the service is a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur who has concluded a contract for the transmission of Business Express mail.

Business express mail is a postal service with guaranteed next day delivery (until 3PM) within Bosnia and Herzegovina in more than 85% of post offices. The content of Business express mail may be exclusively goods with insured value up to 10.000 BAM.

Furthermore, for Business Express mail the sender may request:

  • insured value
  • delivery in person
  • advice of delivery
  • return documents service

Business Express mail may be posted as individual item, collective (at least two individual items) or Business Express pallet.

  • The next day delivery - the items posted before defined time the day before will be delivered not later than 3 PM the next day
  • The same day delivery - the items posted before defined time will be delivered not later than 8 PM the same day
  • Prompt delivery - the items will be delivered within 3 hours for the same city area

Postage may be paid by:

  • the sender
  • the recipient
  • the third party provided that it has concluded a Contract for conveyance of Business Express items
  • Business express mail may contain goods
  • The sender bears the responsibility for sending prohibited items
  • The sender is responsible for damage caused by the contents of the item or inadequate packing.
  • It is the sender's responsibility to pack the item in a way to protect its contents, other items and employees handling with the items.
  • Items should be packed in appropriate packaging (wrapping – envelop, transparent foils, boxes, receptacles etc.).
  • The packaging must correspond to the type, nature, content, shape, weight and value of the item itself.
  • Objects made of glass or other fragile objects (ceramic object, electric and computer equipment) should be packed in a strong box, filled with an appropriate protective material.
  • Liquids should be packed in perfectly leak-proof containers. Each container should be placed in a special strong box containing an appropriate protective material to absorb the liquid if the container break. The lid of the box shall be fixed so that it cannot easily work loose.
  • Fatty substances which do not easily liquefy (ointments, soft-soap, resins etc.) should be enclosed in a first packing (box, bag of cloth or plastic bag, etc.), which is itself placed in a box (wooden, metal, strong plastic) or from other material stout enough to prevent the contents from leaking.
  • Different types of dry powders should be packed in metal, wooden, strong plastic or cardboard containers (box, bag). These containers shall themselves be enclosed in a stout box made from wood, metal, plastic etc. and space between the boxes should be filled with appropriate absorbent and protective material.
  • If the Express or Business express mail item is posted individually, the sender with its signature on the address label confirms that he/she is familiar with the conditions for service provision and takes responsibility for appropriate packing of the item. If the Express or Business Express mail items are posted via the Acceptance Book than the signature in the book confirms that he/she is familiar with the conditions for service provision and takes responsibility for appropriate packing of the item.
  • Items should be closed with glue, tape, string, security label etc
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