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Personalized Postage Stamp

Capture your favorite moments in a unique way! Create your own postage stamp!
Let the postage stamp with motives of your business successes, the most beautiful moments from your wedding, birthday, journey or other important events travel as an ambassador to your loved ones.
Save you memories and make your unique ad via your postage stamp!

Creative solutions of personalized postage stamp may include personal photos, company name, photos of products and services, slogan or other visual solution at your choice.

Кроз ову услугу Поште Српске нуде могућност плаћања поштарине личном поштанском марком за слање писмоносних пошиљака на територији Републике Српске.

PPS Pricelist

Од 100-5001,70
Од 520-10001,50
Преко 10201,30
Персонализована поштанска марка штампа се у табацима (један табак садржи 20 комада).

You can order your PPS by completing purchase order 

or you can contact us via phone 051/246-006

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