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Domestic parcel

Parcel is a closed postal item with indicated value which can contain goods and other items.

The sender will receive the advice on posting and the recipient will confirm the delivery by its signature.

Parcels could weight up to:

  1. 20 kg for the territory of Republic Srpska and up to 31,20 kg for the territory of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and it comes from the territory of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  2. 50 kg if its content is indivisible and its for the territory of Republic Srpska.
  3. Parcels weighing more than 50 kg and with determined dimensions, could be accepted only under special agreements signed between post and the users of the service.

Maximum declared value may not exceed 10.000 BAM.

Parcels may include the following special services:

  • Special handling parcel – every parcel for which the sender asks for special handling service during the transmission as well as parcels whose contents are live animals, flammable items, liquids, easily soluble items, fragile items, infectious substances etc.
  • delivery to the addressee in person –a mail item that is delivered exclusively to the addressee in person, her/his legal representative or an attorney,
  • mail item with advice of delivery – a mail item where the sender receives back a receipt of delivery (signed advice of delivery),
  • COD item – mail item where the addressee pays on delivery the indicated COD amount. Collected COD amount can be returned to sender directly on his account or via postal money order. With the prior consent of the sender, the addressee may inspect the contents of COD item before making payment of COD amount at the destination post office and before confirming a receipt of the item. The maximum COD amount may not exceed 5.000,00 BAM.
  • The sum of length and perimeter of a parcel measured across  the widest point may not exceed 3000mm and the largest dimensions may not exceed 1500mm.
  • Dimensions of a parcel must not be smaller than those for a letter, and the address side must be at least 90*140mm.
  • Bulky parcel is each parcel that due to its size and structure cannot be packed and delivered together with other parcels and if any of its sides is longer than 500 mm or if any of its other two sides, individually, exceeds 300mm. Every bulky parcel  has to be received with the special service “special handling item”.
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