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PostPak item is registered COD item which can be posted for the territory of Serbia and Montenegro with the maximum indicated value and COD amount of 999 euros.

The basic features of PostPack item service are:

  • PostPak item is registered COD item which can contain goods and/or documents
  • The merchandise in an item should be accompanied by the original invoice
  • Maximum allowed weight of the Postpack item is 30 kg.
  • Dimensions of a PostPack item may not exceed 3 meters in the sum of an items lenght and its perimeter across the widest part of an item and the largest dimensions may not exceed 1,5 meters.
  • PostPack item is an item with registered posted number
  • Services at the Request of the Sender for the PostPak Service: Special handling item and delivery to the addressee
  • Payment/ payment of the redemption amount is made exclusively through the POST CASH order
  • PostPak consignment whose contents are subject to customs control or foreign exchange control shall be submitted open
  • PostCash will be paid / paid in euros (EUR) in Montenegro, in dinars (RSD) in Serbia, and in convertible marks (BAM) in Republika Srpska
  • Fee for payment of the redemption amount and transfer of the order is not charged separately from the recipient of the PostPak item.
up to 1000 grams15,00
from 1001 to 5000 grams20,00
from 5001 to 10000 grams25,00
from 10001 to 20000 grams30,00
from 20001 to 30000 grams35,00
Special handling with PostPak itemIncreased by 50% of the base price
delivery to the addressee in person1,80

Service exempt from VAT.

  • PostPack item may contain written correspondence, documents, goods and other items except those prohibited by law. 
  • It is prohibited to send money, securities bearing the bearer, precious metals (silver, gold, platinum, etc.), precious stones, and other valuables in PostPak items. The responsibility for sending prohibited items is the responsibility of the sender even when the post office has received that kind of item.
  • the sender of the item is liable for damage caused by other shipments in the transmission, due to the shipment of items that are not allowed to be transferred and the conditions of admission are not respected.
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