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Cecogram is an open mail item that includes correspondence intended for blind or visually impaired individuals, printed on thick paper or any similar material.

Further, a cliché with signs of cecography, recorded audio material or special paper intended for the blind or visually impaired individuals could be considered a cecogram provided that it is posted by some institution for blind or it is addressed for such an institution.

Cecogram could weight up to 7 kg. Its dimensions must correspond to those for letter.

When posting a cecogram, the sender is obliged to put on the upper right corner on the address side the sign "СЕКОГРАМ" in domestic traffic and "CECOGRAM" when sending abroad.

Обични секограм се посебно не евидентира током преноса. Препоручени секограм се користи за пренос важнијег садржаја, приликом пријема на пренос му се додјељује регистровани број пријема (бар код), пошиљаоцу се издаје потврда о пријему пошиљке, а уручује се примаоцу уз потпис.

Cecogram is postage free in both domestic and international traffic, except when choosing a special service "airmail".

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