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Catalog of Postage stamps of Republic of Srpska

The creation of Republika Srpska, its past, its natural wealth, cultural and sporting events, its anniversary and many important events, the Poste Srpske followed the issuing of postage stamps.

Each postage stamp has been given a great mission to connect us with the rest of the world.

This little colorful piece of paper has become a narrative of our culture, history, richness of flora and fauna, important events, our traditions and customs, and as it should be visible about us and the time we live in.

The publishing of the Catalog, Poste Srpska, unites and represents all the postage stamps issued from its location in Republika Srpska.

In this way we give philatelic lovers the opportunity to see in one place the show of these "great ambassadors" which are promoting us in a unique way in the world.

PDF Catalog 1992 – 2007
PDF Catalog 2008 – 2015

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