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Insured domestic letter

Insured letter is a mail item containing written correspondence, goods, money or other objects and where the sender has indicated the value of the item. At the time of posting the insured “V” bar code is assigned to the item. The sender receives a receipt of mailing and it will be delivered to the addressee against her/his signature.

In case of loss, the insured letter is insured up to the indicated value of the item whereas the value indicated by the sender must correspond to the actual value of the contents or to the importance of the item for the sender, but it is allowed to indicate only a portion of the value.

Maximum insured value may not exceed 10.000 BAM.

The insured letter may be posted with the following special services:

  • delivery to the addressee in person –a mail item that is delivered exclusively to the addressee in person, her/his legal representative or an attorney,
  • mail item with advice of delivery – a mail item where the sender receives back a receipt of delivery (signed advice of delivery),
  • COD item – mail item where the addressee pays on delivery the indicated COD amount. Collected COD amount can be returned to sender directly on his account or via postal money order. With the prior consent of the sender, the addressee may inspect the contents of COD item before making payment of COD amount at the destination post office and before confirming a receipt of the item. The maximum COD amount may not exceed 5.000,00 BAM.
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