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50 years of Kocic`s Assembly

Title::50 years of Kocic`s Assembly
Date of Issue:21.08.2015
Author:Bozidar Dosenovic
Type edition:commemorative
Printing techniques:multicolour offset
Paper:muflep 100g
Printing House:Forum, Novi Sad


Motive:Monument to Petar Kocic
Catalogue no.:658
Perforation:13 3/4
Face value:2.70 BAM
Quantity:15 000

Kocic`s Assembly is a traditional cultural event, an international character, dedicated to Serbian writer and national tribune. It lasts for several days in August and celebrated with various cultural manifestations.

The jury consisted of the Organizing Committee of Kocic Assembly each year awards a prize "Kocic`s Award". Kocic`s prize is awarded "for contribution to Serbian written word in Kocic`s libertarian spirit."

The first activities were organized in 1934. Members of the Club academics visiting Banja Luka Kocic`s native home in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. On 28th August 1966, "the assembly at the church on Klisina" for the Assumption turned into a celebration of half a century since the death of Petar Kocic, when he established the first committee headed by Milorad Misa Popovic.

The 50th Assembly will be held this year from 16th to 30th August. In this year's cultural program will participate more than 50 writers from the region and Europe, including some of the biggest names in world literature, such as the French writer Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio, winner of Nobel`s Prize for Literature in 2008 and Patrick Besson.
Members of the Organizing Committee of the 50th Kocic`s Assembly supported the proposed program, including the introduction of a number of newspapers, such as the organization of the event called "Zmijanje rock concert", which will be intended primarily for young people, in order to affirm the memories of one of the most important writers of Serbian language Petar Kocic, in whose honor and organizes traditional folk assembly.

Author: MA Bozidar Dosenovic
Publisher: Poste Srpske a.d. Banjaluka


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