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Victory Day

Title::Victory Day
Date of Issue:08.05.2015
Type edition:commemorative
Printing techniques:multicolour offset
Paper:muflep 100g
Printing House::Forum, Novi Sad


Motive:event marking Victory Day
Catalogue no.:656
Perforation:13 3/4
Face value:0,90 BAM
Quantity:10 000

The Second World War lasted from 1939 to 1945. It was part of the then most countries, including all major powers who founded two opposite military alliance. By the number of states or the people who participated in it, and the number of casualties and extent of material destruction, the Second World War represents the largest armed conflict in the history of mankind.

In the form of total war, leading participating countries have put all their economic, industrial and scientific capabilities at the service of the war effort, erasing the differences between military and civilian sources. The war marked the mass death of civilians, including the Holocaust and the only example of the use of nuclear weapons in the war, which resulted in the death of 50 to 75 million people. That number puts the Second World War the deadliest war in the human history.

Day of Victory over fascism is the day when Nazi Germany signed the capitulation in World War II and is celebrated on 9 May, although the Second World War finally ended only a few months later by the unconditional capitulation of the imperial Japan.
Since this moment a profound influence on the appearance of the Europe of tomorrow, the day May 9 is celebrated as the Day of Europe.

Author: Nebojsa Djumic and МА Bozidar Dosenovic
Publisher: Poste Srpske a.d. Banjaluka

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